About me

Hi! I’m Sam.


I’m currently working in an office, whilst also working towards a degree in English literature and language, whilst also pursuing a career in writing fiction with dreams of being a published author. If that’s not enough information I don’t know what to tell you. I like doing stuff. I like writing and I love the internet… and as you’ve guessed it, I like food.

So one day I was in a shop looking at food magazines and thinking of buying a few recipe based ones when I was shocked and horrified of the prices of them. All for what? A few stitched together pages with recipes on them? I don’t want to say that printed media is dead because I DO buy a lot of magazines, but over £4 for recipes seemed extreme, so I decided to take a stand and just start up my own food/ recipe blog for food I’m interested in, with hopes that someone else would find it useful and… hey, prest0… free!!



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