Graze Boxes

Hi there!


So, I don’t know if any of you have ever heard about Graze boxes. They are these little boxes of healthy snacks you can have delivered to your door one or two times a week (UK based, I’m not sure if there is a US version), and what it basically means is you have perfectly sized snacks for that time of the day when you might normally grab a cookie, or a packet of crisps.


I didn’t want to buy into them at all when I first heard about them because I had this crazy idea that it would be too expensive, or it wasn’t really that healthy. However, neither of these things are true. 

A box costs £3.89 – to me, that’s nothing. You get 4 separately packed snacks which can be anything from some dried fruit, some nuts, popcorn, a little bit of cake, or something like dried bread and a dip, and they are actually pretty darn good at keeping the munchies at bay. Some of them even count towards your 5 a day, which is a bonus. 


Anyway – to cut a long story short, I figured I’d share this with you. If you want a FREE box with no obligation to subscribe to them or anything just go to GRAZE and enter this code for a free sample : NVV721Z

I’m not going to lie – yes, I do get something out of this (money off my next box, or something), but that’s not why I’m blogging about it. I really do think it’s a great idea. If I had the money I’d have every meal delivered to my door, but I don’t. So for now I’m enjoying snacking luxury and I wanted to let you in on it.

Let me know if you’ve already signed up – do you like it, don’t you like it?

Until next time,