Even Vegetarians fail at things!

Thus proving us veggie’s aren’t always the best at everything, I got busy in real life and so I had to temporarily abandon this blog!


Not to worry, I’m back now. Ish. I’m currently writing, trying to decorate a house, and setting fashion trends on fire this autumn (aka, spending too much time shopping), but I’m coming back with some new flavours for you.


Recipe‘s to follow are: Veggie Bean Burrito’s, Seasonal Pumpkin Soup, and Feta and roast veg puff pastry parcels.

Blogs to follow are: Living with Animal Testing, How I’m turning into a vampire.


If any of these things interest you just hang on. They’re coming! I’m cooking/writing as we speak (in my mind) so this place will be filled with delicious things very soon.


Thanks for being patient and for following,